Salome-Poster 2015

2015 – 5 Nominations for ‘SALOME’ St Tropez International Film Festival

Best Short Film / Director / Leading Actress / Cinematography / Editor

SALOME : 2015 Awards

Do you like classical music?

Salome-PosterOriginal Concept & Graphic Design / Jennifer Bone / Photographs © Andrew Pegram

Salome has a passion for classical music, which transcends to more sinister obsessions. 

Set in London modern day, twisted behaviours unfold when Anka introduces her boyfriend, John, to her house mate and best friend Salome.

Kevin Bisbangian director and producer of Salome…

1473031_715119351832559_849902081_nKevin Bisbangian

2015 – SALOME Official selection Court Metrage Short Film Corner Festival De Cannes
2015 – SALOME Winner ‘best short film at The St Tropez International Film Festival
2015 – SALOME Winner ‘best lead actress at The St Tropez International Film Festival
2015 – SALOME Winner ‘best screenplay at The Amsterdam International Film Festival
2015 – SALOME Winner ‘best director short film at Tenerife International Film Festival
2015 – SALOME Winner ‘best costume design at Tenerife International Film Festival
2015 – SALOME Currently three nominations at Milan International Film Festival

London International Film Festival: Chain Reaction “The Best Original Script” 2015.

The Poster I designed for ‘Chain Reaction’.

imdb chain reaction concept and film poster design © jennifer bone 2014
IMDB : Chain Reaction © jennifer bone 2014

Kevin Bisbangian and Judith Wyler awarded ‘the best original script’ in London.


Fifty Shades of Guilty Pleasures.


The dynamic duo, Sandy Wasco (set decorator) & David Wasco (production designer) worked closely with author E.L. James to gain a first hand insight into her character’s psyche for their multi layered process of visually communicating the author’s vision and that of the film’s director Sam Taylor-Johnson. Cast your eyes over just a few of the photographs from the stunning set in Vancouver, Canada and let the film’s visual language seduce you…

featured in designboom
Diamond Sideboard, Turner Table Lamp & Eanda Armchair. pic –

The Guilty Pleasures Collection

Janet Morais, the Creative Director and Founder of Koket said, “my passion and mission with KOKET is to create highly desirable, empowering statement pieces. The essence of my pieces dreamily compliment the film’s aura of desire, passion and power. Although I’d never thought my collection would be powerful enough to grace the set of Fifty Shades of Grey, our inclusion has revealed the influence of exceptional design”. –

Incanto Bench – Koket


The Guilty Mirror – Koket


DelightFULL : Turner Table Lamp –
Burlesque Console
Crystal Eternity Sconce & Chandelier- Koket


Exotica Dressing Table – Koket


Hypnotic Chandelier – Koket


Chloe Sconce – Koket


Mademoiselle Armoire – Koket


Desire Chair – Koket


Sequoia Table by Brabbu.
Symphony Side Table by Boca do Lobo
Avenue Folding Screen by Boca do Lobo



RelishMix, which monitors the major studios’ social media, reports that the early teaser with Beyonce’s song “Crazy in Love” churned out 25M views and Ellie Goulding’s Vevo video reported 36M.  RelishMix says that fans are reposting trailers, music videos & review spots with total views soaring on YouTube at 314M.

Fifty Shades counts almost 8 million Facebook fans 7x the fans of the book!


‘Fifty Shades’ Higher In Global Bow At $266.6M; Record R-Rated Opening Overseas – Tuesday Update



6th UPDATE, TUESDAY PM: Final overseas update by Universal for Fifty Shades Of Grey shows a global weekend through Monday of $266.6M with $173.6M coming from 10,979 screens in 58 territories. It’s still the biggest February opener overseas of all-time and the second best for Universal behind Fast & Furious 6‘s $160.3M overseas bow. The E.L. James feature adaptation is No. 1 in 54 territories. Updated top weekend results include UK and Ireland $20.8M; Germany $14.1M; France $12.3M; Russia $11M; Italy $10.1M; Spain $8.7M; Brazil $8.3M; Mexico $8.1M; Australia $8M; Poland $4.7M and Argentina $3.5M.  The film remains the biggest bow of all-time in 13 markets: Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Paraguay, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Ukraine, Uruguay and Venezuela. Also for an R-rated film –or an equivalent abroad — Fifty Shades touts the biggest opening abroad ever for an adult film, beating the previous record holder The Matrix Revolutions 

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Sam Taylor – Johnson

Director –  Fifty Shades of Grey.

I was excited when I heard the announcement approx: June 2013 that Sam Taylor – Johnson would direct “Fifty Shades of Grey“. The film would be an adaptation of E. L. James’ best-selling erotic novel. The rumours were flying then and there unconfirmed reports that  Angelina Jolie, Gus Van Sant and others like Steven Soderbergh and Joe Wright had been contenders for the job.

My first recollection of Sam Taylor-Wood was in early 2010 after seeing the film called “Nowhere Boy” a wonderful drama, that portrayed of the earlier life of John Lennon and the fragmented relationship he had with his mother. The film starred Kirsten Scott Thomas (an actress I’d really liked) and Sam’s now husband Aaron Johnson.  Apparently their relationship began during the filming of Nowhere Boy in 2009 and they announced their engagement at the film’s premiere in October 2009. Since then, they have had two children, making it four children in total including Sam’s two older children from her first marriage, to art dealer Jay Joplin.


Aaron Johnson is better known for films such as The illusionist, Anna Karenina, Savages, Godzilla and Kick-Ass + Kick Ass 2.


By mid 2011, I’d moved to London and was settling into a lovely flat in W2. My neighbour ‘Charles’ had given me the run down on the flat, it’s history and the neighbourhood. He mentioned a jeweller called Solange Azagury-Partridge. I googled her and found the short film ‘DAYDREAM’ directed by Sam Taylor-Wood. The short film featured Liberty Ross, a beautiful English model in her bedroom,  bejewelled in Solange’s range of jewels called 24:7.  I was really taken with the emotive impact such a short film could have, not to mention it was sexy and visually beautiful.

I read more about Sam after seeing Daydream and discovered a commendable visual artist with a extensive resume of credits and commissions to her name. Sam first received recognition as a photographer and video artist, her accolades and commissions are vast, amongst them an (OBE) Order of the British Empire.

“The most understated credit of all is the fact that she has survived cancer twice,

which she attributed to transendental meditation and yoga.”

2015. During an interview about the film ’50 Shades of Grey’  she was quoted as saying “ the call came at eight o’clock the next morning: ‘OK, you got the job – we’re announcing it at midday.’ It was like jumping onto a high-speed train and the doors locking behind me. And I’m only now about to get off… I’m not that seasoned a director, and I had a few moments when I thought, ‘This is way bigger than I can handle.’ But I’m also not a quitter.”

– Extract from Tim Walker, ‘The Independent UK.

Sydney: 12th February 2015. 

50 Shades of Grey screens publicly today, it’s been a sell out prior to, with an estimated 150,000 tickets sold, I’m not sure who has the other 149,999?

Event Cinemas says “it is the fastest-selling movie in the history of its Gold Class cinemas”.

And then there’s the Soundtrack…

Soundtrack – itunes

2014 : Sunburnt Country

I wasn’t tempted to recreate a European Christmas Tree, in fact I’d always thought that those traditional images didn’t suit Australia at all. Instead I looked at my own interior space and compared that with the landscape outside and let those two factors determine my style & direction.

Sydney Flower Markets:



I came out from the flower markets armed with long sinewy tortured Willow, a bunch of cut Spruce and a bunch of Holly.

Closely followed by cheap bangles, gold baubles, strings of silver beads and good old fishing line from the inner city suburb of Glebe, often known as ‘bohemian and book wormish’ because it has everything from Chakras to Chavez.



My Christmas Card Design.



And digitally printed in the nick of time.


Glorious Sunflowers and Succulents greeted us for a late Christmas Lunch.



Variations on the theme for Christmas Presents.



Now ” NYE ” awaits us…

‘Solid as a Rock’.

Carole Stone is the Executive Chairman of YouGovStone UK.

The ‘Best-Connected Woman in British Business by the Institute of Directors and O2’ with a database of more than 48,000 contacts.

Britain’s best connected Woman, Carole Stone had turned 70 and I was lucky enough to meet her during the filming of her birthday video in London. She was performing at a stand up Comedy night called “Funny Women”. She was cheeky, witty and absolutely hilarious. She made fun of herself exposing all her faults and weaknesses as she told her stories, I laughed so much it brought tears to my eyes.


The Reform Club. Photo: Lighting Services UK.

Carole’s Birthday Party was at The Reform Club. A club that has appealed to many film company’s and writers, like Anthony Trollope’s novel “Phineas Finn”, Jules Verne’s “Around the World in Eighty Days”, Graham Greene’s spy novel “The Human Factor” and apparently Michael Palin ended his TV series ‘around the world in 80 days’ on the steps outside because he didn’t have a jacket or tie on and wasn’t allowed in…

Reform club lobby

The James Bond movies, “Die Another Day” and “Quantum of Solace”, “The Quiller Memorandum”, “The Avengers”, “Nicholas Nickleby” and “Sherlock Holmes”, and more recently a scene from ‘Paddington’ the new children’s movie was filmed here with Hugh Bonneville.

The Reform Club. Photo: James Bond Locations.


The Reform Club Library, venue for the party. Photo: Michael Caldwell.

When I arrived at this visually breath-taking and majestic building, I was overwhelmed and rushed to the bathroom to gain composure. An elegant lady came in to powder her nose and I struck up conversation with her and swiftly followed her to the dressing room, where I found Carole. Here the champagne was flowing, a must as mine kept evaporating. My Video Title Design, landed a round of applause which was very unexpected, as was the mass introduction Carole had given me. The night held many surprises, including meeting Michael Palin (Monty Python) and Salman Rushdie (Author). I felt my father turn in his grave when I couldn’t remember what Salman Rushdie had written or why he’d needed British protection, I did remember his affair though…

carole's 70th b'day

The Reform Club. Video Title Design: Jennifer Bone.

This TEDx video on you tube focuses on the importance of networking and making the most of people, to your mutual advantage.

“Carole Stone is, as solid as a rock, brilliantly cut & luminous”.

All Hallows or Halloween

ALL HALLOWS ( spirits of the dead )

October 31 is actually the Christian All Hallows Eve known as ‘Halloween’.

November 8th, is the original Pagan and true Wiccan Holy Days which began on the actual cross-quarter or half-quarter day between Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice. The true Halloween Holy Days began on November 8 and ended on the night of November 16. The hallows, or spirits of the dead, return to this world on November 8th, on ‘Hecate Night’ known as the darkest and deadliest period of the year.

Hecate is ‘The Queen of the Dead’,  the Greek Goddess of Death amongst many other titles.

HECATE_001_l (2)
Hecate drawn by Richard Cosway [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
When the veil is at it’s thinnest, it is open between this world and the next, it is believed that the dead enter her realm. Hecate rules over the souls of the departed ; she is the goddess of purifications and expiations.

So, if you choose to celebrate the true meaning of the day on November 8, without all of the hype and silliness of Halloween and it’s trick-or-treaters.

1935079_257020145230_1054741_nYou won’t be alone.

In a dappled light Big-Mac-McDonalds
lol wall
demotivators.cgx iphone-tower.jpg
iphone-tower.jpg iPets.jpg