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First bite of the Apple

The Mac Plus was Apple’s longest-selling Macintosh, it could read and write both 400k & 800k disks, making it a very versatile machine. The machine would boot up in the original Mac OS all the way though System 7 ‘via a floppy disk’.  It was the life of a cat or two cats for that matter, who equally recognised the heating value of  the new machines and were naturally oblivious to the price tag of $2,495 US.

The Macintosh was the first affordable computer to offer a graphical user interface with an intuitive layout of folders & icons and in comparison to others, the Mac was lean, mean, independent and yet domestic…


1989 to 2014,  barefoot and still one step ahead. Apple was and still are tipping their apple cart right into the heart of the public’s online shopping trolley’s.


Original and innovative that energy launched Apple’s famous 1984 Superbowl ad, directed by Ridley Scott famous for the movie ‘Alien’ & far more recently the movie ‘Gone Girl’.

It was 1984, and Apple had launched their Macintosh Computer,  has anyone wondered what George Orwell might have thought then? Would he be retweeting all the Orwellian references on his iPhone?