All Hallows or Halloween

ALL HALLOWS ( spirits of the dead )

October 31 is actually the Christian All Hallows Eve known as ‘Halloween’.

November 8th, is the original Pagan and true Wiccan Holy Days which began on the actual cross-quarter or half-quarter day between Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice. The true Halloween Holy Days began on November 8 and ended on the night of November 16. The hallows, or spirits of the dead, return to this world on November 8th, on ‘Hecate Night’ known as the darkest and deadliest period of the year.

Hecate is ‘The Queen of the Dead’,  the Greek Goddess of Death amongst many other titles.

HECATE_001_l (2)
Hecate drawn by Richard Cosway [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
When the veil is at it’s thinnest, it is open between this world and the next, it is believed that the dead enter her realm. Hecate rules over the souls of the departed ; she is the goddess of purifications and expiations.

So, if you choose to celebrate the true meaning of the day on November 8, without all of the hype and silliness of Halloween and it’s trick-or-treaters.

1935079_257020145230_1054741_nYou won’t be alone.