2014 : Sunburnt Country

I wasn’t tempted to recreate a European Christmas Tree, in fact I’d always thought that those traditional images didn’t suit Australia at all. Instead I looked at my own interior space and compared that with the landscape outside and let those two factors determine my style & direction.

Sydney Flower Markets: 5.am



I came out from the flower markets armed with long sinewy tortured Willow, a bunch of cut Spruce and a bunch of Holly.

Closely followed by cheap bangles, gold baubles, strings of silver beads and good old fishing line from the inner city suburb of Glebe, often known as ‘bohemian and book wormish’ because it has everything from Chakras to Chavez.



My Christmas Card Design.



And digitally printed in the nick of time.


Glorious Sunflowers and Succulents greeted us for a late Christmas Lunch.



Variations on the theme for Christmas Presents.



Now ” NYE ” awaits us…

‘Solid as a Rock’.

Carole Stone is the Executive Chairman of YouGovStone UK.

The ‘Best-Connected Woman in British Business by the Institute of Directors and O2’ with a database of more than 48,000 contacts.

Britain’s best connected Woman, Carole Stone had turned 70 and I was lucky enough to meet her during the filming of her birthday video in London. She was performing at a stand up Comedy night called “Funny Women”. She was cheeky, witty and absolutely hilarious. She made fun of herself exposing all her faults and weaknesses as she told her stories, I laughed so much it brought tears to my eyes.


The Reform Club. Photo: Lighting Services UK.

Carole’s Birthday Party was at The Reform Club. A club that has appealed to many film company’s and writers, like Anthony Trollope’s novel “Phineas Finn”, Jules Verne’s “Around the World in Eighty Days”, Graham Greene’s spy novel “The Human Factor” and apparently Michael Palin ended his TV series ‘around the world in 80 days’ on the steps outside because he didn’t have a jacket or tie on and wasn’t allowed in…

Reform club lobby

The James Bond movies, “Die Another Day” and “Quantum of Solace”, “The Quiller Memorandum”, “The Avengers”, “Nicholas Nickleby” and “Sherlock Holmes”, and more recently a scene from ‘Paddington’ the new children’s movie was filmed here with Hugh Bonneville.

The Reform Club. Photo: James Bond Locations.


The Reform Club Library, venue for the party. Photo: Michael Caldwell.

When I arrived at this visually breath-taking and majestic building, I was overwhelmed and rushed to the bathroom to gain composure. An elegant lady came in to powder her nose and I struck up conversation with her and swiftly followed her to the dressing room, where I found Carole. Here the champagne was flowing, a must as mine kept evaporating. My Video Title Design, landed a round of applause which was very unexpected, as was the mass introduction Carole had given me. The night held many surprises, including meeting Michael Palin (Monty Python) and Salman Rushdie (Author). I felt my father turn in his grave when I couldn’t remember what Salman Rushdie had written or why he’d needed British protection, I did remember his affair though…

carole's 70th b'day

The Reform Club. Video Title Design: Jennifer Bone.

This TEDx video on you tube focuses on the importance of networking and making the most of people, to your mutual advantage.

“Carole Stone is, as solid as a rock, brilliantly cut & luminous”.